5 Solutions to Fix No Sound on YouTube [100% Works]

Last updated: Mar 24, 2021

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No Sound on YouTube

Over a hundred years ago, we already had the sound film. Nowadays, we can watch tons of amazing video content on YouTube, the world’s largest video website. Therefore, it’s unacceptable that the video has no sound on YouTube. How can the modern watching experience have no match for a hundred years before?

Well, things happened. When you found the YouTube sound is not working, you can try the following 5 solutions. The YouTube no sound problem isn’t a permanent problem. Fix it with a few steps, and then enjoy the video with sound!

Let’s see what I have.

Part 1. Why Does YouTube No Sound Happen?

YouTube no sound problem could arise due to various reasons. It could be the setting problems with your volume control, or the browser was not working as usual. Sometimes, using an outdated flash player could also cause no sound on YouTube. If your sound card driver crashes, YouTube may not play sound for you.

However, no sound on YouTube is not a big problem that will do permanent harm to your computer. Read on, and I will tell you how to troubleshoot YouTube sound not working.

Part 2. How to Fix No Sound on YouTube?

Solution 1: Check Your Volume Controls

Sound Settings

It’s normal that you may forget what you have done with your volume controls. So the first thing you should do is to make sure your speaker is not muted. Find the mute button on your keyboard because you may press it without notice. You can also test the volume in System Settings. Adjust volume to test the sound until you can clearly hear it.

Volume Mixer

You can open your Volume Mixer to see all your devices and application volume status. Volume mixer allows you to manage different applications’ sound separately. You will see your browser listed in the application section. Make sure that you don’t mute your browser that is playing YouTube videos.

Solution 2: Browser Problems

Sometimes, if your browser has some running issues, there may be no sound from YouTube as well. Try to clear the browser cache and reboot it. The YouTube no sound problem might be fixed in this way. Opening a new incognito window may also help. Because under the incognito mode, the browser doesn’t need any cache files to access the websites. So the “YouTube no sound” problem won’t occur.

If you have a Google Chrome, following the steps below:

Step 1. Click the menu on the top right corner, then select Settings.

Google Chrome Settings

Step 2. Click the “Privacy and security” tab, then choose “Clear browsing data.”

Clear browsing data

Step 3. Manage the range of cache files that you wish to clear. Hit the “Clear data” in the end.

Choose the time range

After that, you can reopen a new tab to visit YouTube.

To open an incognito window, you just need to choose the “New incognito window” as the third option in the menu.

Solution 3: Use Audio Troubleshooter

If you are not sure about the specific issue that causes no sound on YouTube, you may need a tool to help you. For Windows users, the system has a built-in tool to detect the root of the problem for you.

Audio Troubleshooter

Right-click on your desktop, and then choose “Display settings.” Click on the Sound tab, and then you will see the “Troubleshoot” button under the Output section.

Click on it and follow the troubleshooter’s instructions to fix the no sound on YouTube issue.

Solution 4: Update Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash player is the extension that plays YouTube videos in your browser. If the problem occurs in the Flash Player, YouTube sound may not be working.

However, some users claimed that they have the YouTube no sound issue after updating the Flash player, but others said the problem was caused by the outdated Flash player. Therefore, I’ll explain both how to update the Flash player and uninstall the update below.

If you are using the outdated Flash player, you can search for the newest update package on Adobe’s official site. Although sometimes it may automatically update itself, you need to install the package manually.

If you want to uninstall the recent package, please follow this guide.

Step 1. Run “Programs and Features” by pressing Windows key + R. Typing “appwiz.cpl” and hit Enter.

Run appwiz

Step 2. Click “View installed updates” at the left-side taskbar.

Click on View installed updates

Step 3. Search “Adobe Flash Player” in the search bar on the top right corner. And then, right-click on the newest updates, select “Uninstall.”

Uninstall the update

Restart your browser to watch a YouTube video. The mute issue should be fixed.

Solution 5: Update Sound Card Driver

When the problem is related to your device, you can fix the no sound on YouTube issue by updating your sound card driver. Sound card drivers are made to play the sounds for your computer. Sometimes you need to download the updates from the official sites of your sound card driver. After that, you can run the Device Manager on your PC to update them.

Step 1. Press Windows Key + R, type “devmgmt.msc”, and then hit the Enter button to open the Device Manager.

Run devmgmt

Step 2. Find “Sound, video, and game controllers,” and then click it.

Select Sound, video and game controllers

Step 3. Right-click on your sound card driver, then select Update driver.

Right-click to Update driver

Follow the instructions to update your sound card driver. After that, replay your YouTube video to see if the sound works.

Part 3. Can You Prevent YouTube No Sound Issue?

Is there any method to prevent the YouTube no sound issues? Can you download YouTube videos with sound?

Yes. Watching YouTube videos offline is the right choice. Downloading YouTube videos allows you to avoid internet connection problems and browser issues that may cause no sound on YouTube.

Doremi Video Downloader Pro

Therefore, a great video downloader is a must-have. Doremi Video Downloader Pro could be your powerful assistant. It supports video downloads from 1,000+ websites and offers a fast and stable service than any other online video downloaders.

The download process is also pretty simple; you don’t need to be computer savvy to rip the YouTube videos to your device. Just copy and paste the URL of the YouTube video to Doremi Video Downloader Pro, and then hit the Enter key to parse. Doremi Video Downloader Pro will find all the available download options for you. You can choose the download format, like MP3 or MP4, and the video resolutions up to 4K. After a while, you can view the downloaded YouTube videos in your local folder, of course, with sound.


If you finish reading this article, you should find at least one way to fix the YouTube no sound issue. When troubleshooting the problems of YouTube sound not working, you need to know where the root cause is. If it’s a browser error, you can fix it by clearing cache; if it’s a device problem, you need to fix it by updating your computer settings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there no sound on YouTube?

The reason could be the browser problems or the volume control of your PC. Make sure that you don’t mute the YouTube video, then troubleshoot with your device.

How do you fix YouTube no sound?

You can run the audio troubleshooter on your PC, clear the browser cache, or update the flash player and sound card driver to fix it. For a better watching experience, you can also download the YouTube videos via Doremi Video Downloader Pro.

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