YouTube Search Filter Not Working? 100% Workable Fixes

Last updated: Mar 12, 2021

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Doremi Video Downloader

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YouTube Search Filter Not Working

YouTube is one of the hugest video websites that tons of videos are uploaded on the platform every day. You can find anything you want on YouTube by simply typing the keyword to search. To make the search more efficient, YouTube provides the filter function to help users find the precise result they want. You can filter out the unrelated videos by selecting the Upload Date, Type, Duration, and Features filters.

However, what if the YouTube search filter not working?

In this article, I will offer 3 solutions when you cannot use YouTube content filter. They are not complicated at all. So read on and learn how.

Part 1. Why Does YouTube Search Filter Not Working Occur?

The most common answer to this question is that it’s an intentional act because YouTube employees are removing the violative content and graphics. They turn off the filters to avoid more spread of those hate content. Therefore, the YouTube search filter not working is a temporary problem. The filter function will recover after YouTube has removed the offensive content from its website.

Part 2. How to Fix YouTube Search Filter Not Working?

I’ve prepared 3 practical solutions for you to fix the YouTube search filter not working.

Solution 1: Clear Browser Cache

Clear browser cache

Try to delete your browser’s cache. Sometimes, the YouTube search filter is not working due to the error of the browser. Clearing cache is a way to reboot the browser. Small errors could be fixed after the refresh of the browser. Let’s use Google Chrome as an example. Go to Google Chrome’s Settings > Privacy and security, and then choose the “Clear browsing data” tab. This act will clear the browsing history, cookies, and cache of your Chrome.

Solution 2: Use Google Search to Filter

Google search filter

If clearing the cache didn’t help, the YouTube search filter could be closed by its employees. While waiting for YouTube to enable the filters again, we can use Google Search to filter the video search results instead.

Type the keywords that you want to search for, and add “” at the end. Hit the Enter key to start the search. In this way, all the search results Google shows are from YouTube. Click on the Video tab, and then click the Tools on the right side. You will see 3 filters appear on the top of the result page: duration, time, quality, and closed-captioned or not. Each filter has multiple setting options.

Although Google Search filters could be slightly different from the YouTube search filters, they can help you quickly narrow down the search results.

Solution 3: Use an All-in-one Video Downloader

Doremi Video Downloader Pro

The third solution is the most straightforward one. You can use an all-in-one video downloader to solve the problem. Doremi Video Downloader Pro would be a good choice. By typing in the keyword, you can search for videos from YouTube, which is the default search engine of this program. You can find the Filter button on the top right corner, under the search bar. Click on it, and then you can filter by duration and upload date. The filters in Doremi Video Downloader Pro are never influenced by the YouTube search filter not working. And it could also filter out the videos that are not relevant to your requests.

Doremi Video Downloader Pro can do more than that. Besides using keywords to search, you can copy and paste the specific video link to download. Compared with online video download tools, Doremi Video Downloader Pro offers a more stable service and faster download speed. It supports video downloads from 700+ sites. That is to say, this downloader program will satisfy all your future download needs.


After reading this article, did you find out what to do when the YouTube search filter not working?

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Among the 3 solutions, I think the Doremi Video Downloader Pro is the best. Using the built-in search filters, you can do the video search more efficiently. Moreover, Doremi Video Downloader is a powerful downloader that could satisfy almost all your future download needs.

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