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How to Download Reddit Videos?

DoremiZone Reddit Video Downloader is a handy tool to help you download Reddit videos online. Let’s see how it works.

1. Copy the link of the Reddit video and paste it into the search box. Click the magnifying icon for the search result.

2. Hit the Download button and choose an option to download the Reddit video.


You can preview the video before downloading it.

Download Reddit Videos on Your Phone

DoremiZone Reddit Video Downloader is a browser-based video downloader. In other words, you can also use it on any browser on your mobile phones.

Download Reddit Videos on Android

1. Find the Reddit video and copy the link.

2. Head over to the DoremiZone Reddit Video Downloader on your mobile browser, and paste the link to search.

3. Tap Download and choose an MP4 option to save Reddit videos.

Download Reddit Videos on iPhone

It’s not rocket science. You need two tools: Documents by Readdle and DoremiZone Reddit Video Downloader.

To begin with, make sure you’ve installed Documents, an all-in-one iOS file manager featuring a built-in browser.

Now, follow the steps below:

1. Open the built-in browser (a compass-like icon) to visit Reddit.

2. Copy the link of the Reddit video.

3. Open a new tab navigate to DoremiZone Reddit Video Downloader.

4. After accessing the Reddit downloader, you need to paste the link into the search bar.

5. Tap the Download button and select an MP4 option.

Best Reddit Video Downloader

Why is DoremiZone Reddit Video Downloader trustworthy? You will find the answers below.

100% Free

There are no hidden fees. Take it easy.


No plugins, no viruses, no pop-up ads.

No Registration

Registration is not compulsory at all.

Smooth Operations

Your downloads go off without a hitch.

Download Video from Reddit & 1,000+ Sites in 1080p

If you want to download videos in 1080p HD from Reddit, the advanced version of the DoremiZone Reddit Video Downloader fits your needs. What’s more, it helps you download videos from 1,000+ sites, including but not limited to Facebook, Dailymotion, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

  • for Windows 10/8/7
  • for macOS 10.13+
  • for Android

FAQs about DoremiZone Reddit Video Downloader

1. How do I download Reddit videos?

1. Copy the link of your favorite Reddit video.

2. Paste it into the search bar of DoremiZone Reddit Video Downloader. Hit the Search button.

3. Click the Download button to download video from Reddit to MP4.

2. What is the best Reddit video downloader?

You can find the best Reddit video downloader on DoremiZone. Unlike other online services, DoremiZone Reddit Video Downloader is virus-free and user-friendly. Besides, it requires no installations because it is compatible with all browsers - web and mobile browsers.

3. How can you save Reddit videos to my iPhone?

Saving Redding videos is easier than you thought. To download Reddit videos on iPhone, you need a Reddit downloader and a dedicated iOS file manager - Documents by Readdle. Install Documents and follow the instructions.

1. Visit Reddit with the built-in browser of Documents. Copy the link.

2. Go to DoremiZone Reddit Video Downloader in a new tab. Paste the link in the search box.

3. Tap Download to save Reddit video.

4. How do you download Reddit videos to your Android phone?

DoremiZone Reddit Video Downloader, a reliable web application, helps you download Reddit videos to your phone.

1. Open your mobile browser and copy the video URL from Reddit.

2. Visit DoremiZone Reddit Video Downloader in a new tab and paste the URL in the search bar.

3. Tap Download, and you can download videos from Reddit to your phone.

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